Composer autoload-dev does not work

The file autoload_psr4.php not contains the namespace from “autoload-dev” section only from “autoload” section.

When my composer.json reads

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "Namespace\\": "src/"
"autoload-dev": {
    "prs-4": {
        "Namespace\\Tests\\": "tests/"

And I run

composer require vendor/namespace 1.0-dev

My /vendor/composer/autoload_prs4.php file appears as

// autoload_psr4.php @generated by Composer

$vendorDir = dirname(dirname(__FILE__));
$baseDir = dirname($vendorDir);

return array(
    'Namespace\\' => array($baseDir . '/src'),


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Composer autoload-dev does not work”

    My guess is that you’re showing the composer.json of vendor/namespace package. If that’s the case:

    Take a look at the docs. It says: “autoload-dev (root only)”. root only means it only applies to the root package. As you included the package, the shown composer.json file is not the root package and the autoload-dev section is thus ignored.

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