Committing the code on SUBVERSION (first time)

I am new on subversion. I have to commit a code on subversion and this is the first time that i am doing this. So my mentor told me to put username on his server using SSH.I did this by following code :

amit@<URL> and it works fine.

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  • Now he asked to commit the code and he give me url…but he said me to create a folder first by username which you have got at the time of SSH i.e. amit.

    Now please help me …How i create a folder on svn link and then how to commit the project..It’s very urgent please help me!!!

    Amit pal

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    First checkout that repository by

    svn checkout <Your URL> svn

    Now cd to svn folder, create username folder(amit) in svn folder and commit:

    svn commit -m"username folder is created."

    Now copy your files in that folder(amit in your case). Now you have to add each new file or new folder:

    svn add filename
    svn add foldername

    Now you can commit these files to server:

    svn commit -m"Some new files are added."

    Note: Text after -m are comments and you can change it according to your needs.

    svn ci is as good as using svn commit

    Magic!! 🙂

    If you already have a project that you started working on but it’s not an svn working copy yet.

    The simplest way ever:

    Navigate to the project folder in the terminal using cd and type:

    svn co .


    svn add –force .


    svn commit -m “first commit”

    Create the folder in your home filesystem and commit the entire thing to the server.


    Not sure, but i would try this:

    • svn mkdir armit@<host>/<your_folder>
    • svn checkout armit@<host>/<your_folder>
    • copy your files into <your_folder> in local
    • svn commit <your_folder>
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