Commit SVN working copy into Git repository

I am currently working on a checked out SVN project along with some plugins for that project. I want to keep all of this work – including the current version of my SVN checkout within a single git repository.

I thought I had achieved this by checking in the SVN working copy to git. However, when I did a pull on a new computer the SVN working copy had been corrupted. In particular it seemed that git had not checked it any of the .svn/tmp/ and .svn/props/ folders.

I have now made a fresh checkout of the SVN project. Is there a way for me to add the ignored folders to my git repo (git status ignores them even though my .gitignore is empty) or force SVN to regenerate them?

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    File extensions that start with a period are considered hidden files by convention. So, I’m not Git expert, but I’m guessing Git ignores such files by default.

    May I ask what you hope to achieve by keeping svn meta data in Git?

    Don’t forget that if some of those .svn/tmp/ and .svn/props/ directories are empty, they won’t simply be added to a git repository.
    This is by design and has nothing to do with .gitignore.

    Why not use git svn clone:

    This will import your entire SVN history into a git repository.

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