Code review of a branch in GitHub

I need to do a code review of a whole branch in GitHub. I went to the branches page and hit compare. There’s a tab there, files changed, that shows exactly what I need, the diff between the two branches, master and the selected one. The problem is that it doesn’t allow you to comment on code like a single diff does:

github code review interface

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    Does anybody know how to perform a code review of a whole branch in GitHub?


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    Apparently there’s no UI to write comments on a branch diff. My solution for now was asking the other programmer to do a pull request. It did work to do a pull request from one project to itself and in the pull request I can write comments.

    I think you might have known already that you could comment on each commit by clicking on the commit link. Not answering your question on the whole files compare as in pull request but I do hope this is useful for someone else.

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