CMake 3.2.2 and Eclipse 4.5.1 CDT 8.0

I am using Eclipse Mars (4.5.1) with CDT 8.0 for a c++ project on Ubuntu 15.10.

I am experimenting with using cmake 3.2.2 as my build tool and would like to test how well it works for generating makefiles for an eclipse C++ project. I still need to be able to build the project from command line/independently of Eclipse.

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  • It seems cmake 3.2.2 only supports up to Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler) and CDT4:

    enter image description here

    I tried using that for this test project:

    And for now it seems to work I can import the project and run the make targets:

    enter image description here

    It looks a bit messy though:

    1. src/ folder appears to be nested under the build/ folder (at least from the eclipse perspective) making it a bit difficult to see whats versioned and what is ignored (git).
    2. Changes to my sources (currently versioned using git) is not picked up by EGit. So I have to go to git command line to get an overview of what I have modified.

    The indexer seems to be running as expected though (function completion, go to definition etc.) so that is great.

    build/ folder is currently on my .gitignore where I suppose it should stay.

    Another thing are there any known issues with using cmake to generate makes files for Eclipse 4.5.1 and CDT8?

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