CLOSED – Just install git but the console don't recognise the git commands

I’m new here and I want to know how to use Bitbucket so I followed these instructions.

At the 7th instruction, after successfully installing Git as they said I have on the console

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  • host:~ Me$ git --version
    -bash: git: command not found

    I have the file git- in my Downloads.

    What should I do to have git recognized by the console?

    I have been told to do echo "PATH=$PATH/Downloads" >> .bashrc
    or to use a Source tree.

    The first one didn’t work and I don’t see the utility or using a Source Tree.

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    Adding a directory to your $PATH usually doesn’t take effect until you log out and log in again (or at the very least restart your terminal). Try that, and then see if you can run git --version.

    SourceTree is a free graphical Git / Mercurial client from Atlassian for Windows and OSX. You may want to try that out instead of (or in addition to) the command-line interface.


    /usr/local/bin/git  --version

    Seems the PATH “/usr/local/bin” is not in your default path, you can edit your local profile ~/.profile and add below line in it to fix this issue.

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