Cloning stuck on checking source

I’m using sourcetree and I plan to clone a repository from our github but my sourcetree got stuck on “checking source” I wonder whats the problem and how could I resolve it. I already tried using the embedded git but still it does not work

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    Looks like no one was able to help with this issue. I found that getting stuck on “checking source” generally means an issue with your Git client. This can boil down to a few things.

    1. Basic configuration
      Are you using system/pre-existing Git, and it was removed or configured incorrectly? You may need to fix this, or switch to the “embedded Git” that SourceTree can install.
    2. Credential failure
      Double-check to make sure all of your credentials are correct (or delete them entirely to re-enter). SourceTree keeps authentication information in Tools > Options > Authentication.
    3. SSH keys/client configuration
      By default you’ll find SourceTree attempting to communicate via SSH, this may or may not work with some hosts, if you do not have them trusted or “known”. You can test getting around this by using HTTP(S) to clone your repository.

    SourceTree doesn’t make it very easy to observe when issues arise like this, just the ominous “checking source” that I was plagued with as well. If you haven’t already figured it out or nuked it from orbit, hopefully this helps!

    It could may well be the fact that the DNS server is not responding with the hostname you provided. Try using the actual IP.

    Try :

    ssh://whoami@ ->/...

    Instead of :

    ssh:// ->/...

    First make sure you have loaded your private keys into Pageant, and then try again.

    If still have trouble, try to use PuTTY to SSH into the git server hosting the repo. You might receive actually useful errors. Resolve those errors then try again to clone the repository via SourceTree. (Thanks for the comment Jake)

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