cloned a github repo, created a new branch -> can I push?

So I cloned a repo on github locally.
I didn’t have any rights on that repo yet.
Then I created a new branch locally.

I’d like to push my new branch to github,
I now also should be listed as collaborator.

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  • Can I do this?
    How do I do it?
    I am used to command line git and this project
    is running inside eclipse (android project).


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  • One Solution collect form web for “cloned a github repo, created a new branch -> can I push?”

    Not good idea, really.

    Usual workflow looks like this

    1. You should fork repo to your account in github web-interface.
    2. clone you fork to local machine.
    3. Make new branch (call it by feature you want to implement or fixes you want to do).
    4. Change code, commit it and push new branch to your fork.
    5. Create pull request to original repo.

    Something like this.

    EDIT: links by @zerkms in first comment are very useful. I think it will be more informative to read them, than my answer.

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