Clone only the .git directory of a git repo

I have a repo in sync with google Drive, but I had the .git directory ignored so it is now uploaded to Google Drive.

Recently I formatted my Gentoo machine and after I had all Google Drive files synced again I realized the .git directory was not there.

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  • The problem is I do not remember if I had some unstagged/uncommited changes in local not pushed to github.

    I have been searching but I only found answers for the opposite question (Cloning without the .git directory)

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    I do not want to make a git clone of my repo until I am sure that possible local changes are not going to be loss.

    Is there any way of cloning only the .git folder and then push any local changes that I may have in my machine?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Clone only the .git directory of a git repo”

    I solve it. It was an easy process:

    1. I’ve cloned the repo to a different location eg (in /tmp)
    2. I’ve copied the .git folder into my original repo folder
    3. I did git status on my original repo folder and all the local changes were there.

    Hope it helps others

    1. Do a git clone to a different folder on your machine from your online repo
    2. Checkout the branch that you’re interested in comparing your local files against.
    3. Then copy/paste your folders contents over top the new clone.
    4. Check to see whats changed (if anything and commit as you would).
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