Clearcase : Migrate from Git to ClearCase

Could you please share your experience with Git to Clearcase migration ?

As we need to convert our repo to CC and keep history.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Clearcase : Migrate from Git to ClearCase”

    There is no real “experience” of such a migration, but if you need to keep the history, you can do so easily for one branch (like master), it is more difficult for multiple branches:

    git filter-branch --tree-filter 'clearfsimport -preview -rec -nset . m:\MyView\MyVob\ParentDirectory' HEAD

    For each commit of the git repo, you do a clearfsimport, in order to add or update files in a ClearCase dynamic view (as explained in “Creating a new subdirectory structure in ClearCase?”)

    See more about the filter-branch --tree filter in “Rewrite git history replacing a word in every single file”, used usually to rewrite history, but used here to for another purpose (clearfsimport).

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