Choosing commits for separate branches of one repository

I have a documentation project at, which takes source from github repo. Since I’m not sure of the syntax it might need for one or another file I created a separate branch at github to push as many commits as I need there to see the result at

I would like to be able to choose commits later on and push them to master branch where from I will make PRs. Is there such a way or it is bad approach and there is something more appropriate for that?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Choosing commits for separate branches of one repository”

    git cherry-pick should meet your needs. Documentation is here:

    This allows you to select individual commits (from your branch) and apply them to your working tree.


    jayray @ myrepo > git log
    commit fd7aafce97949da4f80d5fd08b5d9bcc5e85b565
    Date:   Mon Apr 16 16:50:52 2012 -0400
        added d
    commit 9b40ed02b0d594391e81c0f19883f4bc05d8751c
    Date:   Mon Apr 16 16:50:47 2012 -0400
        added c
    commit 4359f39765aac74509a4ed876ba1266a2624797e
    Date:   Mon Apr 16 16:50:41 2012 -0400
        added b
    jayray @ myrepo > git checkout master
    Switched to branch 'master'
    jayray @ myrepo > git cherry-pick 9b40ed02b0d594391e81c0f19883f4bc05d8751c
    [master 3b78d02] added c
     0 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
     create mode 100644 c

    So this allowed me to apply a single commit from my branch to my master. You can specify multiple commits as well.

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