Cherry-pick commits to a particular folder of git repo from other repo

I am very much familiar with git cherry-pick. Currently i am trying to cherry-pick few commits from other git repository.
Scenario is as below:

A -> git repo (“A/foo/B” where B is a directory inside foo)

B -> git repo

My intention is to cherry-pick/apply-patches/merge commits of git repo B to A/foo/B directory.


I know it can be done in many ways, like with merge, cherry-pick and applying patch.

I have also tried below command, which is fulfilling my intention:

git --git-dir=../B/.git format-patch --stdout sha1^..sha1 | git am --directory='B/'

But is there any way to get the same thing with cherry-pick to get the intended solution Or any other perfect solution to make it up.

Please suggest!!

Thank you 🙂

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Cherry-pick commits to a particular folder of git repo from other repo”

    You can either use checkout-index or just checkout. Both have pros and cons.

    With checkout-index

    1. Change your working dir to repo A
    2. git --git-dir=../B/.git checkout-index -a --prefix=B/
    3. git add B
    4. git commit

    checkout-index checks out (as the name implies) the index of a repository. Thus you must ensure that the index of repo B looks like you want it. The pro is that you can modify the index before you check it out to your working directory.

    With checkout

    1. Change your working dir to repo A
    2. mkdir B
    3. git --git-dir=../B/.git --work-tree=B checkout HEAD -- .
    4. git add B
    5. git commit

    The pro of checkout is that you can pick any commit as it is. Use a branch, commit id or tag instead of HEAD.

    The con is that if you checkout any other commit than HEAD the HEAD and index of repository B will change. So if you go back to the repository B you will see this changes if you do a git status.

    what if i already have a directory name B in it and i just want to cherry-pick few commits from repository B to B directory

    With checkout-index files that already exist in folder B will not be overwritten until you specify --force or just -f.

    The checkoutcommand above will overwrite files that already exist, because I use -- . at the end. You can select specific files by replacing . with the path. E.g. if you only want to checkout a src directory.

    git --git-dir=../B/.git --work-tree=B checkout HEAD -- src

    You can use submodules.

    Submodules/subtree are basically git repository inside another git repository.

    The main difference between subtree and submodule is where your files are managed (as standalone repository or in the parent repository).

    Here is a simple script which creates 2 repositories and then add one of them as submodule of the second repository.

    At this point and changes which are made inside the submodule folder are “transparent” to the parent repo (repo1)

    # Clear old repositories if any
    rm -rf /tmp/repo1
    rm -rf /tmp/repo2
    # Creating new empty repositories
    git init repo1
    git init repo2
    # commiting to the first repository
    cd /tmp/repo1
    echo 'a' > file1.txt
    git add .
    git commit -m "Commiting to repo1"
    # commiting to the second repository
    cd /tmp/repo2
    echo 'b' > file2.txt
    git add .
    git commit -m "Commiting to repo2"
    # Adding repo2 as submodule of repo1
    cd /tmp/repo1
    git submodule add /tmp/repo2 repo2
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
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