Check history of the git pulls made on a local repository from a remote branch

Is there a way we can view the history of the pulls that were made on a local repository?

We use a shared system and wanted to have a log of the pulls that would have been made by different users. I have searched for this on the net, but no significant luck. Does anyone have an idea about it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Check history of the git pulls made on a local repository from a remote branch”

    To log the pulls made on a local repository:

    Every time you pull or merge a set of commits, git will make a merge commit. Therefore, this will work:

    $ git log --merges

    To find out which users have pulled from a Github repository:

    $ # Wait a minute, this is impossible.

    However, if you host the repository on one of your own servers, you can set up an http server with authentication, which you can then use to log the access, or With SSH access, you can configure SSHD to log which SSH key was used to access user ‘git’ (or whichever user your git repo is under)

    Maybe you mean pull requests?

    If so, use the github API to retrieve a list of open and closed pull requests:

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