Changing the name of the committer in Xcode

i am working with an other developer in developing an iOS application and now he don’t work with us and i am working with his computer but the problem is when i push my code i am seeing his name appearing in the github. how i can change this and put my name appearing in the github. thanks for your answers.

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    Do you have a .gitconfig file in your project directory, if so, cd into the project directory and run the following commands to set it to your name and email in the .gitconfig file of your project

    git config "Your Name"
    git config ""

    If you do not have a .gitconfig file in your project directory, it could be using the global .gitconfig file located in the Home directory (~/). Simply add the --global flag to set it on a global basis for all projects (note, if there is a .gitconfig file within the project directory, it will use that rather than the global .gitconfig in the home directory)

    git config --global "Your name"
    git config --global ""
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