Changing the default directory for git repositories

Is it possible to change the default/root directory of where git looks for projects so you can clone a project like this:

git clone

rather than like this:

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    I’ve seen git --git-dir=<path> in the help page but it seems that it only takes effect for that particular command rather than being a global setting – and that’s even if it does what I want it to do.

    Can anyone help?

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    When you’re using ssh path, it always start in given user’s home directory. So for the example in the question to work, all you have to do is set HOME directory of git user to /var/www/html.

    When using the git protocol, you can set it on the server by giving git daemon the --base-path option.

    Well, before all other: you use scp-style notation, standard URLs will be better for communication

    Back to question: Yes, you can do it

    if you want to use a different format for them (such that the URLs you
    use will be rewritten into URLs that work), you can create a
    configuration section of the form:

        [url "<actual url base>"]
                insteadOf = <other url base>

    in your example it will be

        [url ""]
                insteadOf =

    or even

        [url ""]
                insteadOf = myserver:

    for using URL myserver:project.git

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