Changing heroku repo for pre-existing app

I created a heroku repo some time ago for my rails app but deleted it because I was never using it. Now I have come to the point where I need to use heroku but I am encountering the following error:

! No such app as furious-mist-2295. which was the old repo name, so it is clearly not pushing to the new stack I created.

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  • This is what I was considering trying, but am concerned about causing unnecessary changes to my git repo.

    git remote rm origin

    git remote add origin <URL to new heroku app>

    git push -u origin master

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Changing heroku repo for pre-existing app”

    Turns out it can be done with the following commands

    git remote rm heroku

    git remote add heroku

    Which is quite a simple little fix. Seemed rather difficult without knowing beforehand that these commands existed.

    git remote -v came in handy to double check which repos in git and heroku were being pushed and fetched.

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