Changes not shown after commit (Heroku Java)

I am working on a Java project on Spring framework. The project is cloned from the Heroku site. I encountered two issues…

  1. I have created a JSP file (testing.jsp) and committed + pushed to Heroku. I created it in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/jsp/testing.jsp

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  8. <servlet-name>spring</servlet-name>

    I have edited it in web.xml file and pushed to Heroku. However, when I tried to view it in my browser, it shows me the same interface as the default people.jsp page.

My web.xml file:!174&authkey=!APyQGWZbKhkoAyM

  1. I have created a css file and pushed to Heroku. I have added the following…

    <link href="/imageCSS.css" rel="stylesheet">

    When I view in browser, it shows “HTTP Status 404 – /imageCSS.css”

    I am new to this and I can’t seem to google anything useful that helps me in my issue.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Changes not shown after commit (Heroku Java)”

    You need to:

    1. Add the mvc:resources config in your applicationContext.xml like

      <mvc:resources mapping="/resources/**" location="/resources/" /> 
    2. Create a folder css under src/main/webapp/resources/, even the
      resources one if you haven’t it.

    3. Link the ccs stylesheet in your jsp as following:

      <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<c:url value=”/resources/css/imageCSS.css” />”>

    4. Remember to include also the JSTL taglig in your page:

      <%@ taglib prefix=”c” uri=””%>

    For the point 1, you can’t add multiple <url-pattern> to a single <servlet-mapping>.
    You should have something like this:


    I managed to solve my first issue. I don’t really know where the exact problem lies on but I believe it is either I didn’t map the request correctly in my controller class initially or I didn’t implement out the methods and model class for that controller in order for everything to function properly.

    Thanks for all the helps, really appreciate.

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