Changed AuthorDate and CommitDate after git rebase

As far as i know GIT is tracking two dates for each commit.

  • the AuthorDate stores the original time of the commit
  • the CommitDate originally is set to the same date, but gets changed e.g. if a commit from one branch is pulled into another branch when doing a git rebase

I am having a branch, in which I invoked a git rebase master.
Now the commits that are only in the branch all show the same date for both the AuthorDate and the CommitDate (there is a difference of a few seconds between the first and last of roughly 30 commits). The dates happen to be the date of the rebase (which is correct for the CommitDate).
I think that the AuthorDate should not be changed under any circumstances, and especially not if doing something as simple as a rebase.

I see the wrong dates in my repository when invoking git log --format=fuller. Unfortunately I could not reproduce the issue so far…I’ll update the question in case I can reproduce it.

My Git version is 1.9.1.

Does anyone have a clue what went wrong with my git rebase?


I think the problem is that I use GIT only locally, and I use git svn dcommit to push changes into a remote SVN repository.
I just performed a svn dcommit with a clean local branch, and was surprised that this caused a git rebase. Afterwards I had the issue with changed AuthorDate again.

I do not see exactly how the svn dcommit is supposed to work and what’s going wrong. But I recently started to do the git svn dcommit from different local branches (and not only from local master), and I expected that the SVN repository would just be updated to the state of this local branch then. Well, probably I shouldn’t use the SVN/GIT combination.

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