Change remote repository credentials (authentication) on Intellij IDEA 14

I recently changed my Bitbucket password for security reasons. However, IntelliJ didn’t update my repository to the new credentials, so it stops me from pulling/pushing anything to my repository. I am not using any plugins for this, just the integrated VCS operations inside the IDE.

Every time I pull/push, this pops out:

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    Where xxxxxxxxxxxx is my old password. I think changing this remote address with the correct password would fix it, though I cannot find where to do so.

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    The easiest of all the above ways is to:

    1. Go to Settings>>System>>Passwords
    2. Change the setting to not store passwords at all
    3. Do a fetch/pull operation
    4. Enter the password when prompted
    5. Again go to Settings>>System>>Passwords
    6. This time select store passwords on disk(protected with master password)


    Note that this will not work if your password is in your URL itself. If that is the case then you need to follow the steps given by @moleksyuk here

    In Intellinj IDEA 14, we can change the Git password by the following steps:

    From the menu bar :

    1. Select File -> Settings -> Appearance & Behavior -> System Settings .

    2. Choose Passwords.

    3. Click the ‘Master Password’ under ‘Disk storage protection’.

    4. In the Password field, enter your old password. Enter your new password in the subsequent fields.

    5. Now the master password will be changed.

    This worked for me on Intellij 12:

    Open settings -> passwords, select “Do not remember passwords” and apply/ok.

    Do your VCS fetch/update/push/whatever and it should ask you for a password.

    Check remember password and OK, it should do the VCS thing correctly.

    Go back to settings -> passwords and switch it back to “Remember on disk”, then apply/ok.

    1. Go to [project]/.git directory.
    2. Open for edit ‘config’ file.
    3. In ‘[remote “origin”]’ section find ‘url’ property and replace your old password with new one.
    4. Press Ctrl+T in Intellij IDEA to update project.

    Your best bet would be to remove the git remote entirely, and add it again. This can be done from the Settings window (search for “VCS Roots”).

    I needed to change my user name and password in Intellij
    Did it by

    preferences -> version control -> GitHub

    There you can change user name and password.

    For Mac users this could also be helpful:

    Credentials are stored in Keychain
    You can just change them there.

    IN Android Studio 2.3

    1. Open Setting (CTRL+ALT+S)
    2. Select Other Settings (at the end)
    3. select Bitbucket

    Here you can change your new Password or User

    For Mac User Please Go to As Below:

    (First of all you must have installed bitbucket plugin)

    Android Studio -> Preference -> Other Settings -> Bitbucket

    Now change your password and click on Test for verify it. Will also able to add SSH Key for login.

    Also its depend on which plugin you used. Some have direct like

    Android Studio -> Preference -> Bitbucket linky

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