Change Github's Default Gist Styles

Is it possible to change Github’s gists default styles programmatically or through some interface?

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    I don’t know of any API or interface influencing the way gist are presented on GitHub.

    If you include those gist in your blog, then of course some CSS local changes can make your gist different, as illustrated by this blog post, this CSS or this CSS.

    However, this doesn’t concern syntax highlighting.
    You can only share those Gist with a custom stylesheet through, for instance Octopress, using a Sass port of Solarized syntax highlighting.
    But again, that won’t change those gist presentation on GitHub itself.

    For embedded Gists there is Pretty Gist

    Pretty Gist is a jQuery plugin to make prettier and more functional embedded Github Gists.

    Github repo

    May i am late at party, but you can create your own CSS by editing the default one it with the color you want. I have done something same but instead of pasting all the css in the blog i prefer to link it

    See if this works for you

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

    You can also find it here: GistDarkCode.css I made it look all black

    GIst Dark theme

    Yes there are different properties to control the default css of GitHub gist. I did various customizations in this project and made sure I define the properties after the embedded js – (PHP template that displays your GitHub gists as blog posts)

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