Change Git branch on SSH remote before cloning

I am trying to clone a repo from an SSH remote like this:

git clone "ssh://"

This works OK but using this command I am actually cloning the “master” branch of the repo, but instead I want to clone another branch which is called “dev2”.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Change Git branch on SSH remote before cloning”

    after git clone.

    you can just

    git branch --track dev2 origin/dev2
    git checkout dev2

    to change your branch to dev2 easily.

    or a short cut

    git clone -b dev2 "ssh://"

    with git you generally clone complete repositories (all branches). if you want to clone only a single branch and never get any other branches use the following commands:

    git init project
    cd project
    git remote add -f -t dev2 origin 'ssh://'
    git checkout -b dev2 origin/dev2
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