Can't run peridot test suite from a git hook

I have made the following pre-commit git hook:

#/usr/bin/env bash
echo "Running pre-commit hooks... "
vendor/bin/peridot -c OS/Specs/peridot.php OS/Specs/
echo "Done."

When I simply enter this command into terminal, it runs all my tests. However, when the git hook is triggered, I get this:

Running pre-commit hooks...
PHP Parse error:  parse error in /path/to/repo/vendor/peridot-php/peridot/bin/peridot on line 9

The offending line contains a bracketed array []. When I change to the old array() syntax, the error goes away (and is replaced with another one farther down). Furthermore, when I run php -v in both places, I get:

PHP 5.4.24 (cli) (built: Jan 30 2014 10:18:21)

PHP 5.3.28 (cli) (built: Jan 23 2014 18:02:48)

Why is my Git hook using the wrong version of PHP? How can I fix this? Thanks!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can't run peridot test suite from a git hook”

    Looks like vendor/bin/peridot is a PHP script, since you pointed out it starts with a PHP hashbang (#!/usr/bin/env php). It looks like your Git environment has a different PATH to your usual user account, and so it sees an older version of PHP first.

    The trick in this case is to hardwire the version of PHP in your commit hook, so it doesn’t have to do any PATH searching.

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