Can't push files to git repo through Assembla by using Titanium Studio


I created a git repo on Assembla, then imported it to Titanium Studio, then I copied the files into the folder, but it didn’t let me push it. It says:

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    Anyone knows what’s wrong with it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can't push files to git repo through Assembla by using Titanium Studio”

    The first push might require a git push origin master (as explained here).

    In an IDE (like Titanium Studio), this could be similar to this bug report:

    The issue here is that our command just does a “git push” which pushes up branches that have remotes and tracking set up.
    If you need to explicitly push the current branch to a named remote, use the “Team > Push to Remote” git command.
    So if you’re on ‘master‘, that will prompt you for the remote and then do “git push master <remote>“.

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