Can't import the volley library in eclipse

i just got the volley library from the below link..
git clone-
in eclipse i am following steps
import>git>project from git>….etc

and the library got downloaded in C:\Users\active\git\volley

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  • when i just want to import the volley folder to the eclipse(C:\Users\active\git\volley) it shows “Select at least one project” in IMPORT PROJECT.and their is only one project though i have selected that still it shows the same error on the top..seriously need a help…thanks in advance

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Can't import the volley library in eclipse”

    You need to build the jar and then add it to your libs folder in your project.

    How to build the jar:

    $ git clone
    $ cd volley
    $ android update project -p .
    $ ant jar


    Here is a YouTube video if that would help:

    You can also download a non-official build on maven central.


    It looks like volley can’t be built with ant anymore (correct me if I’m wrong). All I did was create a new Android Project, mark it as a library project, create package, copy the source over to the project, and build it.

    Check whether the project name is already exists in your workspace.

    1. Right Click any project and click on properties.
    2. Look at the directory of current WorkSpace under location.
    3. Delete any existing copies of Volley or project with the similar name.
    4. Re-import Volley.
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