Can't clone repo using git clone git://… – ok with git clone http://

Git newbie here. I’m setting up git on a new Ubuntu VM and trying to clone some repos. The clone works for the following command:

git clone

(after prompt for username/password), but fails for

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  • git clone git://

    and also

    git clone git://

    with the same error message:

    Cloning into 'repo_name'...
    fatal: remote error:
    Repository not found

    Of course the obvious answer is “use the http method”, but I’m trying to understand why one works and the other doesn’t. Any suggestions? (also is there any difference when using the .git extension on the repo name btw?)


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    Well, I think you are using the wrong url in your second case

    Try this instead

    git clone

    The difference is the : in the url when using git@ vs the / you are currently using, and the extra .git at the end.

    This should be the same url if you go to github and select the ssh url for cloning (and not the https one selected by default)

    If this is a private repository, you need to add your machine’s ssh public key to you account under otherwise you will get the exact error you are listing here.

    I just wanted to throw out there that my problem was the network. All of my settings were good. I was told the network didn’t filter or block ports or anything, but after trying everything I could think of and everything I could find online; I finally tethered my laptop to my mobile phone and everything started working just fine.

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