Canonicalize current Git commit, using it as a reference point for forked repos

I am deploying several websites with Git using a common code base. Is it possible to run git fetch on a server and then a certain command to represent HEAD in relative terms from master?

For example, I want to know if the server is running master/HEAD, master/HEAD^2, or master/branch^4. Of course there could be ambiguity… maybe master/HEAD^6 equals master/branch^2… here I want master/HEAD^6, but there is no preference for other ambiguities.

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  • Also, I want to know if the server is “clean” (no uncommitted files and no commits on top of e.g. master/branch^4) or “dirty”.

    Bonus points if I can easily query this by accessing files in $GIT_DIR rather than using the git command.

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    It sounds like you are looking for the git describe command. This command is most useful if you use tags, and gives you a short human readable description of how much the current branch has changed since the most recent tag.

    You could do something like:

    git log HEAD..origin/master --oneline | wc

    git log --oneline will give you details about each commit between [start]..[end] and wc will give you a count

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