Cannot make header be indexed

I have a C project in eclipse (TI code composer dist) and have recently started using egit to commit and push to github.

I recently accidentally right-clicked on a header file and selected ignore instead of what I had mean to select.

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  • However the ignore icon overlay (the little grey x) did not show up on the file, but no other icon overlays did either! Its also is not listed in .gitgnore.

    I cannot seem to get it added back to the git index, have tried add to index by multiple methods, un-tracking and re-tracking, removing the file from the project and re-adding it and so on with no change in the file status

    When I try to commit it is not available to add or stage and does not seem to show up in any view or perspective in any way related to git/egit and it is not shown in github
    The C source file that I created at the same time as this header was added without a mention as did a previous header I created.

    Im quite a noob at git (and version ctrl systems) so am at a loss what might fix this.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Cannot make header be indexed”

    Are you sure it’s not listed in a .gitignore file? There can be more than one such file (at every directory level), so make sure you check everywhere.

    In general, I recommend using the Git Staging view for committing and while working with the repository. There you should have seen the modified .gitignore listed after you executed Ignore.

    It is possible, that

    git update-index --no-assume-unchanged your-file

    might help.

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