Cannot install Subversive SVN Team Provider

When I try to install the Subversive SVN Team Provider from the Eclipse Marketplace (or from their project site), I get the following error:

The following solutions are not available: Subversive - SVN Team Provider 2.0 Proceed with the installation anyways?

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    I worked around the issue by installing the plugin via the following steps:

    1. Go to ‘Help >> Install New Software’
    2. Enter the Luna software repository URL:
    3. Search for SVN

    This way the installation succeeds.

    I just continued with installation and then go to:
    now click on “svn” menu and then choose “SVN conector” tab, click “Get connectors” button and choose latest SVN Kit or whatever

    If you’re having trouble downloading (even with the “Install New Software” solution from Willem de Wit), adding



    in your eclipse.ini might help. It did help me with Eclipse Neon.

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