Can we input the git command output to another git command

My requirement is to fetch the list of folders, which got some modifications of the files after certain date.

I tried and got below commands from which I can get some details:

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  • This command lists the commits which are done after this date (2016-05-26):

    git log --date=short --after=2016-05-26 --pretty=format:"%h"



    This command lists the filename that is changed on this commit (5761f52):

    git show --pretty="format:" --name-only 5761f52



    Instead of checking after each commit, is there any way to fetch the list for the group of commits?

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    Mureinik answer seems to be good for me. But if you disagree, you can use a loop in bash command line

    for commit in `git log --date=short --after=2016-05-26 --pretty=format:"%h"` 
    echo "====== Commit $commit is beeing analyzed ======";
    git show --pretty="format:" --name-only $commit;

    You can also pass --name-only to git diff. Assuming your ref log goes back far enough, you can just use:

    git diff --name-only master@{2016-05-26}
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