Can I version control my .bash_profile?

In the folder tree:

- Applications
- Users:
- - User-1_folder
- - User-2_folder:
- - - - .bash_history
- - - - .bash_profile
- - - - .bashrc
- - - - .gitconfig
- - - - .gitignore_global
- - - - .ssh
- - - - Applications
- - - - Desktop
- - - - ...
- - User-3_folder
- Library
- System

Can I version control my .bash_profile or any other file in the same folder as .gitconfig?

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    Ignoring all folders and .gitconfig itself, just to keep some settings on track!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can I version control my .bash_profile?”

    This is one way to go about it, although not so clean it does the job without the hassle of maintaining symlinks on each machine:

    cd ~
    git init
    # Ignore everything except .bash_profile and .gitignore
    echo '/*' > .gitignore
    echo '!/.bash_profile' >> .gitignore
    echo '!/.gitignore' >> .gitignore
    # Only .bash_profile and .gitignore would be added
    git add .
    # Commit
    git commit -m "Adding .bash_profile and .gitignore"
    # Add the remote details and push the master branch into the remote
    git remote add <REMOTE-NAME> <REMOTE-URL>
    git push <REMOTE-NAME> master

    One thing you got to be careful is when you’re cloning this repo on another machine, git clone will error if the destination directory is not empty. So you could do something like this to initially set it up:

    mkdir -p ~/temp-git-dir
    cd ~
    git clone <REPO-URL> ~/temp-git-dir
    mv ~/temp-git-dir/.git .
    rm -rf ~/temp-git-dir
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