Can I specify a specific branch on GitHub pull-only (read-only)?

Is there a way to set a specific branch on GitHub to pull-only (read-only) or can I only set this for the whole repository?

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    There is no way to do branch level permissions on Github, but the gitolite project supports what you’re looking for.

    You actually can (sort of), since September 2015.

    That is because you now have “Protected branches and required status checks” (September 3, 2015), which allows you to protect a branch:

    • against forced pushed
    • against deletion
    • against merged changes until required status checks pass

    As mentioned in the twitter discussion:

    @github nice, what about protect from just push and allow only operating through pull requests?

    Adam Roben ‏@aroben @lowl4tency You can do this via the Status API:
    create a “success” status only on commits in PRs, then mark that status as required

    Since Nov. 2015, you can protect a branch with the API:

    curl "" \
      -XPATCH \
      -H 'Authorization: token TOKEN'
      -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.loki-preview" \
      -d '{
        "protection": {
          "enabled": true,
          "required_status_checks": {
            "enforcement_level": "everyone",
            "contexts": [

    How can I try it?

    To access this functionality during the preview period, you’ll need to provide the following custom media type in the Accept header:


    Since March 2016, Organizations can now specify which members and teams are able to push to a protected branch.

    Starting from March 30th 2016, GitHub does support branch permissions without any further tricks like required status checks:

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