Can I see when a change was merged into my git branch?

When I open ‘gitk [filename]’, I can see when a change was committed, but is it also possible to know since when it was included in your branch?

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    I may know how to do this from the command line. The command git log shows basic info for each commit, like the commit id, the author, the commit date and description. With git log --merges or git log --min-parents=2 you will see only the merge commits, therefore you will be able to check when the merge happened.
    Checkout git-log for more details

    I was looking around to find something similar – get the timestamp of when a change was pulled/merged into your local branch. And this is what I found is useful:

    git reflog show --date=default


    5c4f140 HEAD@{Mon Aug 10 05:36:24 2015 +0000}: pull origin: Fast-forward
    1ba6e4e HEAD@{Wed Aug 5 14:40:50 2015 +0000}: pull origin: Fast-forward
    05382e4 HEAD@{Wed Jul 22 12:27:20 2015 +0000}: pull origin: Fast-forward
    bad194c HEAD@{Wed Jul 22 09:54:01 2015 +0000}: pull origin: Fast-forward
    016f6cb HEAD@{Sat Jul 18 04:53:56 2015 +0000}: pull origin: Fast-forward
    b4839d3 HEAD@{Mon Jul 6 07:35:23 2015 +0000}: pull origin: Fast-forward

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