Can I put a .gitmodules file in a subdirectory?

Let’s say my repo index root is in /project dir.
Should the .gitmodules also be inside this dir, or can I put it into, say /project/subdir?

The reason I would like to do that is because I have multiple contributors and I want each to be responsible for his own set of submodules.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can I put a .gitmodules file in a subdirectory?”

    man gitsubmodule on Debian Wheezy says:


    According this default place for .gitmodules file is a top-level directory of the git working tree.
    So, lets say you have such project structure:

    |  `--.gitmodules
    |  `--.gitmodules

    .gitmodules in your project root dir will define modules subproject-1 and subproject-2. Subprojects dependent modules also can be defined with subproject-N/.gitmodules, but those settings will affect only in proper subproject scope.

    To update your project dependencies you should use command:

    git submodule update

    But if you want to update also dependencies of subproject-1 and subproject-2 use:

    git submoudle update --recursive
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