Can I orphan an existing branch?

I’ve created a few branches in a repo, and realized too late (after making various changes to them) that I should have made them orphans. Is it possible to orphan them after the fact?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can I orphan an existing branch?”

    I’m sure it’s possible. There might be a more efficient way, but this seems like it would work:

    1. Find the first commit in your old branch, and call it FIRST.
    2. git checkout --orphan new-branch $FIRST
    3. git checkout old-branch
    4. git rebase --onto new-branch $FIRST

    Now you have the original branch at old-branch and a new, orphaned branch at new-branch. You can, if you like, either delete or rename old-branch, and rename new-branch to old-branch.

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