Can I merge 2 similar, but non tracked repositories in Git?

I have a mainline repository which I want to merge my new features into. These features were developed on a copy of this repo. The way this repo was created was by simply doing a git init and dropping a copy of everything in there (ie: no history from the mainline is there, the first commit is just a straight copy of everything). I know that I can bring the feature repo into the mainline repo as a new branch BUT… I seem to just get both added conflicts for any files that have changes in both. Also, I am not sure if my history will be brought over from the feature repository, into the mainline repository? Will it just be seen as a single, large commit? Is there a way to do this the kosher way despite my previous mistake?

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    It sounds like you have made commits on the “mainline” repo since you started working on the “new features” repo. If this be the case, you will need to create a branch in the mainline repo from the commit that started the new repo, not the current commit.

    ---o---o---o  mainline
         o---o---o  new features

    something like

    cd mainline
    git checkout -b new-features <origin commit for new features>
    git remote add new-features ../new-features

    From there should you be able to git rebase / git merge / git cherry-pick to your liking. Also going forward, dont do what you did. If you want to “branch” then use git branch.

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