Can I fork another persons repo twice into my own account?

On GitHub, I can’t seem to figure out how I can fork a repo twice into one account.

So there is a repo from Bob/CoolFramework

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  • I fork it to Jeremy/MyShooter and start to build a game

    Now I also want to fork it to Jeremy/MyRPG to build another new game

    When I try to fork CoolFramework a second time, it just takes me to MyShooter.

    So the options I can think of:
    A) I’m not using Git in the right way
    B) It’s not possible on Git
    C) I just couldn’t see the option on Github

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    In your case, I would suggest going with submodules. However to answer your exact question, here’s how you should proceed.

    1. Start by creating Jeremy/MyShooter and Jeremy/MyRPG on Github. Keep them empty.

    2. Clone your origin project on your system, twice, giving it different names

      $ git clone MyShooter
      $ git clone MyRPG
    3. You now have 2 different local repos pointing to the same origin. You should remove the origin and point to yours as a remote:

      $ cd MyShooter
      $ git remote remove origin
      $ git remote add origin
      $ git push -u origin master
    4. Don’t forget to do the same for MyRPG

    From the sound of things, you are using a framework within a game you are creating. If you are just using the framework and not changing it, create a new project for your game and include the framework project within it as a sub-module.

    Assuming you are not modifying the framework, you should not be forking it. Forking a project is for modifying (often with the intent of submitting your fork to be merged back into the source project).

    Just had the same problem for a different reason: I maintain a fork of a project. Then I found a bug and wanted to create a PR for upstream to fix that bug. A friend suggested I create a new branch in my Repo with the original project in it, fix the bug in that branch and PR from there.

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