Can I change the group portion of the git path name in GitLab?

I’m using GitLab v6.2.4.

I have a group named Face Recognition and a project facedetect under it, whose git path name is git@mygitlab:face-recognition/facedetect.git. For some reason, I want to change the git path name to be git@mygitlab:facerecognition/facedetect.git, that is to say, remove the minus punctuation - from the name.

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  • I had try and search but failed to know how to do it. Any one can tell me if there is a method to do it?

    Update 1/4/2014:
    I tried like this

    enter image description here

    and I got a 404 error The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

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    A project’s URL in GitLab contains a namespace part and a project part. The first part of the name git@mygitlab:face-recognition/facedetect.git, face-recognition, is the namespace, while facedetect.git is the project part.

    What you are asking is to rename the namespace to which the project belongs. A namespace is either a group or a user in GitLab. You

    You can rename a group or change its path from the group’s Settings page:
    GitLab rename group

    That was asked in issue 2427, and supposedly fixed in commit 233eb1c (GitLab 5.3+, note that there were a bug fixed in 6.4.1)

    Renaming a repo (edit project) should allow you to change its path (group or namespace) as well.

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