Can I add a GIT submodule to the existing project`s root, where files are not joint?

For example, I have Magento project:


… and external Theme for it:

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  • app/design/frontend/[theme name]/default/
    errors/[theme name]/
    errors/local.xml.[theme name]
    skin/frontend/[theme name]/default/
    README.[theme name]

    But when I try to add theme`s repository as submodule to the root of project …

    $ git submodule add -b theme_name git://theme_repository.git .
    '' already exists in the index

    Is there any solution?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can I add a GIT submodule to the existing project`s root, where files are not joint?”

    You cannot add the content of a submodule in the current directory (already versioned, hence “already existing in the index”).
    You would need to use:

    git submodule add -b theme_name git://theme_repository.git aDirectory

    aDirectory would be a new directory not existing yet, and created to be the root folder of your submodule.

    You can then add symlinks to that new folder, in order for app/design/frontend/[theme name] or skin/frontend/[theme name] to renference the right folder.

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