Can git automatically split up a commit into single hunks?

As explained in previous questions, you can split up commits into smaller patches. However, these answers recommend git add -p, which does the job but is tedious if all I want is to have one commit per hunk, in the given order in the file. Is there some way to achieve just that, automatically?

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    You could do something like

    echo -e "y\nq" | git add -p && git commit -m "automated"

    which does:

    echo y (accept first hunk), then q (quit) for the next hunk, commit with the given message.

    Loop until git commit does not return success:

    while [ $s -eq 0 ]
      echo -e "y\nq" | git add -p && git commit -m "automated $i"
      let i=$i+1

    or in one line:

    s=0; i=0; while [ $s -eq 0 ]; do echo -e "y\nq" | git add -p && git commit -m "automated $i"; s=$?; let i=$i+1; done

    Produces commits like

    c5ba3 - (HEAD) automated 3
    14da0 - automated 2
    6497b - automated 1
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