Can a GIT branch have a subset of data?

I am trying to find out if a GIT branch can have a subset of the project data like the example below.

I am working on a java, spring, maven project and my source is at

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  • src/main/java

    and my JSP pages are at:


    we are thinking of outsource the JSP pages to a diff group but we don’t want them changing the java code so we are trying to think if we can map a branch with just


    and then merge it back in

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Can a GIT branch have a subset of data?”

    One way would be to export the history of that webapp directory an an independent git repo, used within the current (parent) repo as a submodule.
    That way, you are sure the external contributor doesn’t modify any source except the ones you want.

    The other (simpler) way is to create a branch dedicated for the other group of contributors, and accept merges only through pull request (that you would reject if any file outside of webapp is modified)

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