buildout+setuptools and git project fork

In project I have used some 3rd party application. Now it looks it’s no more supported, so I have created a fork of this application on git for my needs.

How should I configure buildout so I will be able to make some changes in this application and then use it in my project? Formerly this application was in dependencies of Right I am not sure how should I organize buildout and setuptools configuration.

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    If you want to continue development on the Git package, I’d use mr.developer to manage the package. mr.developer will mark the egg as a developer egg, which means it’ll not be pulled from PyPI but used locally.

    Moreover, mr.developer will manage the working copy for you:

    extensions = mr.developer
    auto-checkout =
    [sources] = git

    Now, when running your buildout, mr.developer will automatically check out from git into the src/ subdirectory, run it’s to make a development egg, and buildout will use that egg to satisfy dependencies on it.

    If you need a different sources directory, use the sources-dir option:

    # ...
    sources-dir = ${buildout:directory}/some-other/directory
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