Bitbucket Server Pull Request

So here is my situation and hopefully someone can clarify my thought process:

  1. I have a private bitbucket server
  2. I have a user who has only read-access
  3. He makes a new local branch, does his work, now he is ready for a pull request

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My question, how can I create a pull request using Bitbucket to
A, send this local branch to be reviewed by my team
B, and I want to have this “dev” to only have read-access?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Bitbucket Server Pull Request”

    Solution 1 Handle branches permissions

    I suggest you create the branch in the bitbucket server first, with writing permissions (this is normally done using Jira, so you can assign a task ID to the branch).

    To handle branches and permissions check this guide. You can define a pattern with associated permissions so certain branches automatically adopt those properties.

    Then the user would do

    $ git fetch origin
    $ git checkout feature/taskID-whatever

    After developing he would be able to push the branch, and perform a pull request to develop.

    $ git push origin feature/taskID-whatever

    Develop must be only read, but branches not.

    Solution 2 Use fork

    In the same tutorial you are following you will find how to do a fork. This way your developer will have a clone in his own bitbucket repository.

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