bitbucket access not working

Not sure what happened, but all this time I was able to pull, push, clone etc from git using bitbucket. But after I changed my password online, it asks me for the password to my account, and then says:

fatal: Authentication failed

Is there any reason for this? My password is definitely correct. I’m not even able to clone to a new folder entirely!

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  • Btw, i’m using git version 1.8.0. I upgraded it recently, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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    I have the same issue.

    Running push with -v doesn’t help at all. Since I also only recently upgraded to git 1.8.0 I tried downgrading and got the same error, so it was either some other package or something on their end.

    What I ended up doing (and also something I should have done long ago) is setting up ssh instead of using https. If that is also your case go to Using the SSH protocol with Bitbucket and follow the instructions.

    Turns out this was a bug with bitbucket. I think it’s fixed now. They did not properly support 1.8.0

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