Best way to merge a git revision into a mercurial repository?

I have a git repository, which has changes that I am slowly bringing into a mercurial repository. (It’s a weird history, and I’m hand checking everything, and just as well that I am).

Currently, I’ve generating a diff using git diff, and merging it using patch. That had a few problems, so I switched hg import, which has problems of its own.

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    (What errors? The biggest culprits are lost hunks, and hunks that don’t merge and need to done manually. I get “bad end of line” occasionally, and patch sometimes reports that the git diff is corrupted.)

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    Have you tried using the hg-git extension? With it, you can pretty easily pull from a Git repo, thus converting a Git repo into a Mercurial repo in the process (and, if desired, you can also push back into the Git repo from hg).

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