Best VCS and hosting for a student group of 10?

We are a student group consisting of ten people. For the next few months, we need to work on a big project together. Therefore, we thought it would be better if we use a VCS.

Many people in the group use git, but we need a web hosting that provides private repository and collaboration. As far as I know bitbucket provides free private repositories, but I wanted to ask if we have better alternatives.

It does not have to be git. We are open to learning new things.

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    Disclaimer: I am the CTO at Assembla

    You should definitely use a VCS, your life and code will be that much better and easier to work in. That being said, Assembla is a hosted VCS system for Project Management.

    Assembla offers a free offering for small groups, however if this is a Student project, we are open to offering a very large offering for free to students for private or public use. Just contact me and I will set you up (goes for anyone with a .edu email address, later this process will be formalized and available on the site)

    Assembla has lots to offer for project management and repositories, as well, it is fast to start and get using. We offer subversion, git, perforce, and hg repositories integrated with various tools including a ticketing and issue tracking tool.

    Take a look at our blog, specifically these posts:

    Looking for a Git Bug Tracker

    Devlop Faster: Setup Your Git Fork and Merge Network

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