Bash Script -exec syntax

I’m trying to make a Git hook bash script that minifies my JavaScript code.
So far I have come up with this, it just prints the minified JavaScript when I run the script:

find js/ -type f -maxdepth 3 -name \*.js -exec uglifyjs {} +

I’m not sure how to give the uglifyjs any commands and what the output filename should be.

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  • In the terminal it would be:

    uglifyjs -o js/app.js js/app.js

    So I’m not sure how to reference the file names etc?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Bash Script -exec syntax”


    find js/ -type f -maxdepth 3 -name \*.js -exec uglifyjs -o {} {} \;

    instead. Note the ; instead of the + after the command.

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