Bad variable name in Bash from a Git alias

I have the following Git alias in my global git config.

pushnew = !f() { export tmp_branch=`git branch | grep '* ' | tr -d '* '` && git push --set-upstream origin $tmp_branch; unset $tmp_branch; }; f

When running it I get the following output:

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  •  * [new branch]      bug/graphs -> bug/graphs
    Branch bug/graphs set up to track remote branch bug/graphs from origin.
    f() { export tmp_branch=`git branch | grep '* ' | tr -d '* '` && git push --set-upstream origin $tmp_branch; unset $tmp_branch; }; f: 1: unset: bug/graphs: bad variable name

    I’ve seen this question but if that is the solution then how do I apply the fix within the context of a Git alias?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Bad variable name in Bash from a Git alias”

    It should be:

    unset tmp_branch

    If you try unset $tmp_branch, the shell will substitute the value of $tmp_branch, trying to unset bug/graphs.

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