Azure – deploying from Bitbucket

I have a website hosted on Windows Azure, and I set it up quite a few months ago to automatically deploy when I push to a specific branch on Bitbucket – as per these instructions:

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  • This was working fine last time I made any changes to the site (which was Nov 24th 2012). I’ve just pushed another change, and it hasn’t been deployed. Going back through the settings again, it looks like the functionality has been removed from the Azure dashboard. I no longer see the option “Set up Git publishing” in the quick glance section.

    I’ve Googled to see if I can find any reference to this functionality being removed, but I’ve had no luck. Does anyone know why suddenly I can no longer deploy from my Bitbucket account, or no longer have the functionality at all in the Azure control panel?

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    You’ve probably lost the post commit hook between Azure and Bitbucket. I found this happening on occasion for me as well. If you have a look on the Services page within your Bitbucket repository settings there should be a POST hook to Azure. I would remove the hook if it’s there and then clear out the deployments folder within your Azure site to reset it.

    If you FTP into your site and clear out the deployments folder (there’ll be a bunch of folders named as guids that represent the deployments that have happened) and then go back and refresh the dashboard page you should see the option to set up Git publishing appear again.

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