AWS CodePipeline, build failed & getting error as YAML_FILE_ERROR M

I’m new to AWS CodePipeline and never had past experience with any continuous integration tool like Jenkins, etc. I have created a new AWS CodePipeline as AWS CodeCommit (Code repository) -> CodeBuild (not docker, and environment is NodeJS 7)-> AWS CodeDeploy. Everything is on AWS only. It is an Angular2 project which is running finally deployed on EC2 instances (Windows server 2008). From my local machine, I’m able to commit my code to AWS CodeCommit through active IAM user (Git access) and then I can see CodePipleline starts functioning where Source is fine (green in color) but next step i.e. Build fails (red in color). When I click on its details, I can see following error log :- 2016/12/23 18:21:16 Waiting for agent 2016/12/23 18:21:36 Phase is DOWNLOAD_SOURCE 2016/12/23 18:21:38 Phase complete: DOWNLOAD_SOURCE Success: false 2016/12/23 18:21:38 Phase context status code: YAML_FILE_ERROR Message: YAML file does not exist 2016/12/23 18:21:38 Runtime error (YAML file does not exist)

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  • Can somebody please guide me on this error? I do not know what does this YAML file means. I googled but nothing relevant found in terms of my NodeJS Angular project.

    Thank you,
    Vinod Kumar

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    The YAML file being referenced is the buildspec.yml file required by CodeBuild. More information can be found at

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