Automatically feed input to Linux command line

If I have a linux command that prompts for 2 or more input, how can these inputs be passed to the prompt by defining it in the command line? Is there something you can add behind the command to do this?

In the example below, how can you run the command and pass it the username and password without having to type it in when the system asks for them?

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  • Example command that asks for username and password

    git clone 

    Just an example, please don’t suggest doing the git clone using ssh instead of http, or that its insecure to expose the password in the command

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    The “expect” package is built for this kind of thing.
    If you install it, check out “autoexpect”.

    Depending on why you want to do this, you may want to explore ways to use github repositories without passwords:

    Perhaps this

      echo user
      echo pass
    } | git clone


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